Our produce department carries the freshest produce from local farmers delivered daily.  Here you'll also find all the produce that's in season, including exotic items such as fresh sugar cane and guava.  Beware of our chilies though, they range from sweet to fire-breathing.

We also carry an impressive array of spices that are made from the highest quality herbs, including packaged herbs for your favorite Mexican dishes.  Now, the secret recipe to menudos and pozoles are all in a little bag.

A wide selection of cheese and cream used in Mexican cuisine, seasonal fruit salads, yogurt with fruits and nuts, freshly made salsa and cerviche... these are just a few of the items you'll find in our Cremeria.  

Throwing a party or having a get together?  Let our Cremeria prepare the food for you.  Whether it's a center piece or platter, you'll love our designs, the taste, and value.

Tilapias, catfish, fish fillets, fresh oysters, seafood mixes - you name it, we have it all and more.  Enjoy the bounties from the ocean without having to set foot in a boat.  In addition, we provide complementary frying for all seafood products.



Find all the ingredients you need to make your favorite  Mexican dishes.  Our products range from Mexico and Latin America imports to those made locally to the most authentic specifications.  If you're ever unsure about how to use a product, our bilingual staff is always happy to share their family recipe.

John, our long time customer, proclaims we have the best carnitas in the Bay Area.  He drives 2 hours every week to have a burrito!  All food in the deli is made fresh every day.  There are no leftovers!  And on the weekends, our BBQ chickens are out of this world!  So juicy, so tender, so tasty!



You are guaranteed to find the best meat for the best price in our full-service meat department.  Whether it's for grilling or stewing, we have the right cut of meat for you. 

We make our chorizos in-house.  We carry whole heads of hog or cow for your taco party.  The variety of marinated meat we offer will tempt you to have a feast every night of the week.


You'll have a hard time deciding on just one cake when you see how uniquely each is decorated.  Then there's the custom decorations for the special occasions.  Our tres leches (3 milks) cake is a can't-be-missed favorite.  Our flans and gelatins are also lovingly made everyday.